The Obsession with Order

by Stefano Pietropaoli

The book by Mariano Croce and Marco Goldoni retraces in a punctual, detailed way, and consistent with the methodological and theoretical premises they directly expounded, the question of the dynamics amongst law and politics in three great figures of modern legal thought. Their focus is on the way Santi Romano, Carl Schmitt and Costantino Mortati address the difficult relationship between the centripetal attraction of a supreme political entity and the centrifugal plurality of social life. Pluralism represents for all three of these authors a problem and a challenge, which calls into question the role of the state and its relations with non-state normative entities. The teaching of these masters, apparently distant in time, can indeed be highly instructive for addressing contemporary issues.

DOI 10.23815/2421-2156.ITALJ           ISSN 2421-2156

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