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Hybridizations, Contaminations, Triangulations: 
Itineraries in Comparative Law Through the Legal Systems of Italy and Japan

edited by Giorgio F. Colombo


Anti-Discrimination Legislation and Work Placement for Persons with Disabilities. A Comparison Between Italy and Japan

by Pierluigi Digennaro

The essay provides a comparative overview of the laws concerning discrimination of disabled workers and the employment of persons with disabilities in Italy and Japan.
Both legal systems combine a quota-levy system with antidiscrimination dispositions. Also, Japan recently embedded a human-rights approach including a prohibition on workplace discrimination in order to comply with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
Notwithstanding these similarities, there exist certain differences concerning not only the detailed provisions or procedures but also the general legal framework and the way in which international standards are arranged in the respective national systems.
The paper analyses the Italian and Japanese legal frameworks in the context of the general outline of the subject and also aims to provide a uniform basis for the future work of experts in the field.   


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