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ItaLJ House Style

SECTION I - Technical  and  Stylistic  Requirements

Article 1: Sections of the journal
The  Italian  Law  Journal  consists  of  the  following  sections:  a) Italian Legal Culture: History and Project; b) Essays; Italian-European Lexicon; c) Hard Cases; d) Book Review; e) Malebolge: Thoughts & Polemics.

Article 2: Keywords and abstracts
The author’s name should appear under the title and should be asterisked, with the author’s designation just above the notes.
A list of 5-6 keywords (eg main topics, legislation and case law cited) should precede all contributions.
A short abstract not exceeding 150 words should also precede all essays. Both abstracts and key words will bepublished online.

Article 3: Headings
Headings should be clear and brief.
Please do not number headings, but code them in the margin to indicate the level of importance as follows:
First level – I., II., III., IV., etc
Second level – 1., 2., 3., 4., etc
Third level – a), b), c), d), etc
Fourth level – aa), bb), cc), dd), etc
Please use capital letters only to begin each sentence and proper nouns.

Article 4: Cross references
Cross references in an article should be reduced to a minimum. English terms (eg above/below) should be preferred to Latin (eg ante/post, supra/infra). In particular, please do not use op. cit., loc. cit., ibidem, etc; and use “n 10 above” rather than “op. cit. n 10”.


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